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The Cafe of Dreams Message

The 3 R’s to Success – Your Reasons

The 3 R’s to Success – Your Recipes

The 3 R’s to Success – Your Resolve


“What’s Cookin’ in Your Kitchen?”

Welcome to our Complimentary Appetizer Menu of “Fresh Topics to Taste” – short videos, like tapas,  that give you a taste of a topic or teaching point, designed to highlight the art and science behind our recipes for success: the Bold Thinking technology that creates the results you say you want in life.

In the absence of Designing your life, you are living by Default!

button-messageLynn says, “Every 24 hours we are each ‘cooking up’ a day in our lives.” Every 30 days, we cook up a month. We don’t get not to cook! We are always creating, always cookin’ up something in the “Kitchen of our Lives”.

Learn about Bold Thinking – a proven thinking technology for  

  • Designing your Dream
  • Financing Your Success
  • Creating Your Legacy

That’s a Legendary Life!

You may say that’s impossible.

But at the Cafe of Dreams, “Making the Impossible Possible for you is what we do!”

In the Cafe of Dreams, our patrons agree to suspend the usual inner critic long enough to consider the possibility.  Like all great thinkers of our times, Einstein, Lincoln, Edison, Disney, Jobs, and many more, we can learn to think into results and imagine greatness.

Using Bold Thinking is how we do it.

Did you know…..every Chef is a Craftsman? So are you!  Learn to apply the craft of Bold Thinking to your life and watch as daily miracles become your new normal.

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