Exploring the Power of Mentorship.

The “Cutting Edge” Master Mentor Series provides thought provoking, exclusive video interviews of “cutting edge” thinkers, innovators, notable leaders, change agents, and influence makers.

Lynn Kitchen pulls back the curtain on their lives to reveal what contributed most to their success, how they rose above tough circumstances, and what role their own personal mentors played in their success. Glean the value of their perspectives and listen for the tools they offer for living a Master Mentor Life!

Our Cafe of Dreams patrons love living in the Power of Mentorship– both Having a Mentor and Being one. We enjoy and value this completed circuitry of real connection for a meaningful, purpose-filled, fun life. It’s the “Ground-wire to Greatness”!

Hot from the Oven!

“What’s Cookin’ in Your Kitchen?”

Try our Complimentary Appetizer Menu HERE – short videos, like tapas!,  that give you a taste of a topic or teaching point, designed to highlight the art and science behind our recipes for success: the Bold Thinking technology that creates the results you say you want in life.

In the absence of Designing your life, you are living by Default!

Lynn says, “Every 24 hours we are each “cooking up” a day in our lives.

Every 30 days, we cook up a month. We don’t get not to cook!

We are always creating, always cookin’ up something in the “Kitchen of our Lives”.

Learn about Bold Thinking – a proven thinking technology for  

  • Designing your Dream
  • Financing Your Success
  • Creating Your Legacy

That’s a Legendary Life!

Finance Your Dream / Create Your Legacy

FROM DREAM TO TABLE What it takes, What you need.

Learn about the Café of Dreams menu of resources and all the offerings to help you Create Your Legendary Life.

Everything is created twice: first in our minds and then in reality. Yet many people never successfully navigate the gap between the dream state and reality.

Lynn has built the Café of Dreams to help you bring your ideas into real time and space. By melding the skills of Life Mastery Coaching with Finance Consulting, Lynn Kitchen can help guide you through the various stages of building your dream AND the intricacies of financing your dream to create a unique legacy.

As an executive in the financial money management industry with thirty five years experience in money and investments, Lynn brings a unique blend of real world expertise to help you find the right resources and education required to finance your life dreams, goals or initiatives.