A Brief History

I always get this question, “How did you succeed as a woman in the investment business, a predominantly male field?”, and,”Tell us more about yourself, Lynn”. So in this video, I share with you a bit about myself, and the “way it was”!

You will hear the story of how I began as a young stockbroker right out of college…..at a time when WOMEN WERE NOT ALLOWED to be stockbrokers without first being a secretary to a stockbroker! (This was 1976.)

I will always be grateful to my original branch manager of a major brokerage firm who gave me a break. He told me, “I have two daughters of my own, and I only hope that someone will give them a break someday like I am going to give YOU!” Now they call that “PAYING IT FORWARD” !  Back then, it was a “Lucky Break!”  It was my own “Dream Come True”. But I also had to pay my dues, of that you can be sure!

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To view on YouTube directly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwU3l79LjLY

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