Is Procrastination Seducing You? – The Ordinary Grill

Is Procrastination Sucking Your Precious Time? You may be lulled into The Ordinary Grill !

Do you feel like your time is not your own? Are your projects only half-baked? Is procrastination your biggest problem? You could be stuck in the “Ordinary Grill”! Join host, Lynn Kitchen, as she tells us how to avoid being seduced into complacency and begin living an extraordinary life!
Lynn says: “I have found that after a disaster in our lives, the next thing we create is someplace SAFE! It’s a place we can JUST FLOAT, COAST, BE LOW KEY, JUST GET BY, JUST MAKE ENDS MEET, but is that really the land of your dreams? No.

It’s the Ordinary Grill.

Wake up — because the Ordinary Grill can be seductive and lull you to sleep for a very long time. You begin feeling quite comfortable….And there is nothing wrong with that…except that DECADES can go by….even entire lifetimes.

But not you! Come over to the Cafe of Dreams- go ahead and dream a little!
If you could really have your dream life….a life where you are not ordinary, where you feel extraordinary! Where you are alive! what would it look like?

You’re in the right place…. Come back to see what happened next — How did I get out…and who or what helped me get out???

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