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The Cafe of Dreams Announces
Endorsed & Managed
Funding Campaign Program

endorsedDo You Want Help FUNDING YOUR DREAM?
Tell me your dream here below.

You may be chosen to be the lucky recipient of a complimentary funding campaign for YOUR DREAM!
Cafe of Dreams Endorsed & Managed Funding Campaigns are for Patrons Only. One dream is chosen quarterly from all the entries that Lynn receives. All dreams held confidential and sacred, seen only by Lynn.

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As Les Brown says, “We need to empower the voices of dreamers.”

Listen here to LES BROWN talking about the importance of GIVING YOUR DREAM A VOICE!

We want to help give dreams a voice, here at the Cafe of Dreams. Tell me about your dream, and you may be selected for an upcoming interview to showcase your great dream.


Submit your story about how someone impacted your life by mentoring you - or a story about your experience mentoring someone and what that has meant to you! We will post your stories on our website (with your permission) and you will receive a special thank you gift. Let us know if you wish to be fully credited or remain anonymous.