About the Cafe of Dreams Experience:

The Power of Mentorship – “To be great and to create something great, first choose a great mentor, then become one!” – Lynn Kitchen

ladder-of-lifeNo matter where you stand on the ladder of life, reaching up to a great mentor while, at the same time,  reaching out to help someone else ….this is the Circle of Connection that creates the flow of prosperity for all.   Get connected today!  Mentor Up!

Great Chefs all have Great Mentors!  To cook up a great life, get a great mentor!

Live Life with the Power of Mentorship as your core value – having a great mentor and being a great mentor – living in a full circle of connection creates the best results!

Welcome to a unique experience in exploring your life’s possibilities through the analogy of food, hearth, kitchen, cafe and all things nourishing and fun for your life’s unfolding, expanding expression.   All great personal triumphs, inventions, works of art, business ideas, and  masterpieces are created twice, first in the mind of the dreamer, and then “cooked up” in the “kitchen of our lives”, the grand workshop of possibility. But without the proper ingredients, resources, support and mindset, a dream will not materialize.

Everyone has some sort of a dream, but it remains simmering on the back burner, or worse, it has already been burnt. Most people spend more time planning their vacation than they do creating what they really want their life to look like a year from now, or in five years, or ten years.  The majority of us put other people’s interests, demands and dreams first, relegating our own dreams to the back burner. Until today!  Today you are here and we can create anew!

The Cafe of Dreams is an online meeting place and learning center for you to explore and receive support, education, entertainment, empowerment and resources, fresh ideas and fun!

Through a series of offerings, you can choose to receive exactly what you need. We offer a full menu of classes, workshops, videos and other “ingestibles” that will encourage and support you as well as provide the proper ingredients, the right recipes, and innovative resources. You can meet and encourage other patrons who are, like you, interested in cooking up their dreams, and wanting to bring their unique gifts and talents to the world.

A Welcome – From Lynn Kitchen

lynn-kitchen-head-chef-cafe-of-dreamsWELCOME to the Cafe of Dreams!  My name is Lynn Kitchen, your host…but I’m no conventional chef and this is no ordinary cafe! This is the CAFE OF DREAMS, LIFE, MADE TO ORDER, where we are serving up the life you would love with all the financial and personal success that goes with it!

I’ve built this place to help launch you and your dreams forward. I believe we can have it all – Power, Success, Wealth, Freedom, Purpose, Spirit, and Fun! – I call it Personal Sovereignty, because we have the power to co-create our own reality*. In the Cafe of Dreams, we strive to suspend all disbelief, making this a magical and even sacred place where “Making the Impossible Possible for YOU is What We Do” !

As the great American poet, Robert Browning said, “We are here to release our inner splendor”. I believe there is something magnificent in YOU, and I trust that is why you are here! There is a genius within you, a dream communicating to you, a silent pull toward a greater, larger more expanded, celebrative expression of the LIFE that is uniquely YOU!

Together we will cook up “tasty morsels of wonder”. We will cook up your dreams, and help you find resources to make them real.  Soon you will look at your reflection in a shiny kitchen frying pan and admit to yourself a new discovery, saying “I LOVE MY LIFE!”

Welcome and Enjoy !

*Non-political / Non-denominational

About Our Practice:

The Cafe of Dreams believes in a practice of Conscious Mentoring as a foundation for all communications, offerings, courses, programs and workshops.

Conscious Mentoring is a method for higher self discovery that Chef Lynn teaches to create this masterpiece called LIFE, Made to Order, in the kitchen workshop of our lives.  Based on proven principles of a thinking technology called Bold Thinking Mastery©, Lynn brings her extensive experience in finance and coaching to teach and mentor you to create personal and financial success….and, make it fun!

From Dream to Table:

  • Build Your Dream
  • Finance your Dream
  • Create Your Legacy

That’s a Legendary Life – one of passion, purpose, and FUN!

“To be great and to create something great, first choose a great mentor, then become one!” – Lynn Kitchen

No matter where you stand on the ladder of life, reaching up to a great mentor while, at the same time,  reaching out to help someone else ….this is the Circle of Connection that creates the flow of prosperity for all.   Get connected today!  Mentor Up!

Mentor Forward – To complete the circle of connection, our patrons share the Power of Mentorship with an at-risk youth. Go HERE to learn about “MentorUp! for Youth”.

When you participate in our mentoring courses, you help a youth receive mentoring, funded by Cafe of Dreams. It’s a one-of-a-kind concept in Mentoring Forward, creating a ripple effect. By helping yourself, you automatically help another! You can make a real difference for the next generation.

With this foundation, we believe that we build a community of “Conscious Commerce”, where the dreams of one person may be beneficially intertwined with the dreams of many. We strive to see the potential for partnership, connection, alliances, harmony, cooperation and synergy that can accelerate progress and magnify the good we can all bring to the world.

We view this website, all live events, workshops, classes and programs as nourishing and nurturing experiences, serving up opportunities to:

  • Teach the art and science of a thinking technology, Bold Thinking Mastery© to achieve your personal and financial goals, while having fun,
  • Practice stretching, appreciating and trusting the power of imagination, believing in the highest possibilities of our lives,
  • See our lives from a perspective of gratitude, appreciation and wonder,
  • Connect to a deeper self-knowing, and heart-trust,
  • Connect to others and to our world in the spirit of love, adventure, celebration, giving, prosperous growth and meaningful expansion of Good,
  • Build sustainable, value-added creations and enterprises “From Dream to Table,”
  • Live in the power of “conscious mentorship”, being partners in believing for Good,
  • Sustain a lifetime of abundance, prosperity and co-creative Good,
  • Help young adults create their own economy,
  • Lead FROM your Vision,
  • Live your unique purpose; live a vision-driven life,
  • Inspire and educate how to believe in your dreams,
  • Ignite and revive a fascination with what makes you come alive!,
  • Provide a catalyst, like an enzyme or yeast, to help activate, stimulate, awaken and galvanize, to expand and multiply one dream after another after another, a continuum of expanded awareness and joy of living,
  • To live IN gratitude and celebration for this miracle called LIFE!