OUR MENTOR UP FOR YOUTH PROGRAM :  We help at-risk youth by providing Mentorship.


spirit awakening photo 2013 eventUpcoming Los Angeles Spirit Awakening ANNUAL EVENT –  23rd Anniversary!


Date:  Saturday, October 27, 2018

Location:  Agape International Center, Culver City, CA

For ticket information, or to become a sponsor: Go to:  SpiritAwakening.org

A spoken word and theatrical performance event featuring the writings of abused and neglected children and teens in the system.

The powerful words of incarcerated and abused children are performed by guest artists such as Rev. Michael Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, Hilary Swank, Debra Wilson, Frances Fisher and others- along with former child detainees.

Produced by Spirit Awakening Foundation, this event is a heart pounding, soul searching afternoon of spoken words written by incarcerated children and young adults. The presentation includes music and dance- making for a provocative afternoon highlighting the plight of abused and neglected children in the foster and juvenile system.

This year we are pleased to be honoring Spirit Awakening Advisory Board Member, philanthropist, child advocate and prolific spiritual teacher and friend of the foundation, Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith!


Cafe of Dreams practices Mentoring Forward.

Mentoring Forward is our innovative practice that completes the circle of connection of living in the Power of Mentorship.  Just as a farmer allocates seeds from harvest to be replanted into the soil, we believe in replanting energy and funds to mentoring our youth.

A Ripple Effect

photo-10Your participation in every Cafe of Dreams program directly results in a youth receiving a mentorship program funded by The Café of Dreams.

Our clients love knowing that a young adult will receive mentorship to think boldly and to create their own dreams….a true ripple effect.

 YOU can be the catalyst that changes and empowers a young life.

By helping yourself, you automatically help another! You can make a real difference for the next generation.

Investing in yourself has never been so rewarding!

As a client of The Café of Dreams, you will enjoy the double benefit of Having a Mentor and Being one through this unique program called “MentorUP! for Youth”.

MentorUP! for Youth

Support our initiatives by participating in our unique THANK YOUR MENTOR CAMPAIGN! For every Thank You video card you send, our group of private donors make a donation in your name to help Mentor a Youth.



“MentorUP! for Youth” is a mentorship program for at-risk youth , a collaboration between The Cafe of Dreams and Spirit Awakening Foundation.

Spirit Awakening Foundation, “Raising Self Esteem One Child at a Time”, is a 501-c-3 public service organization that mentors children in the juvenile justice system and at-risk youth released from incarceration. The recent recipient of an award for a groundbreaking Anti-bullying program, Spirit Awakening has helped thousands of young adults turn their lives around, go to college, get jobs and live constructive, rewarding lives. www.SpiritAwakening.org

This successful event rocked all records![/caption]